LIFX has been connected to NETGEAR, but this device

Hi, I have bought two LIFX bulbs today and I am getting this error message no matter how many times I power off and power on the light bulbs. I have the app installed, and have adequate signal strength on my router, and two light bulbs.

I have created an account on the application, but cannot log into support. When I log into the support website using the same login as the app, It says “You cannot reset your password”. Therefore, I can’t contact support because the application is forcing me not to.

I have checked that my router is broadcasting on channels 1-11 only and is DHCP enabled.

The specific error message I am getting is: "Lifx has been connected to NETGEAR, but this device is now connected to the Wi-Fi Network ‘LIFX_A19_20c629’. To use LIFX, please open the settings app and connect this device to the Wi-Fi network ‘NETGEAR’ " .

What to do? I feel like this is a pretty serious black eye on the bulb reliability if I can’t connect them and I am blocked out of technical support too.

Thanks for reading.

I seem to recall having a similar problem with an older phone of mine. Once you connect the light, go into your settings and have a look at your wi-fi networks. You should see that your phone is connected to your LIFX bulb as its wi-fi network. Disconnect from the bulb (I think you can toggle wi-fi off and on again) and reconnect to your regular wi-fi (NETGEAR) then go back into the LIFX app. Hopefully the bulb shows up in the list (you may need to wait a minute or so).

If it doesn’t work the first time, try resetting the bulb (either turn the bulb off at the switch and then flick the little nub on the side of it across, then power the bulb back on, or if there is no nub you can turn the bulb on and off 5 times at intervals of about 1 second. The bulb will flash red blue green to signal it has been reset)