LIFX, IFTTT and blink with 2.90 firmware

Seems like the 2.90 update for gen 3 A19 bulbs has introduced a bug with IFTTT and blinking lights. Wasn’t like that with the previous firmware.

Set up an IFTTT trigger to flash lights blue for 65535 cycles after a camera (such as Arlo) has been triggered (I wanted to do it indefinitely until I switch them off). Now trigger the camera, watch the lights flash blue like a police car. Ok so far so good. Now try to use HomeKit to set a scene for the lights (any scene, doesn’t seem to matter which one) and it ignores the scene and turns the lights to flashing blue again.

Ok let’s try something else - Turn the lights off from the LIFX app, change them to (say) green, and yep, it goes green. Now go to HomeKit and set any scene. Yep, it goes to flashing blue again.

The only way I found to reset this behaviour is to turn off the power to the bulb. Anyone else got this?

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