LIFX+IFTTT Worked Before But Doesn't Now

Just as the titled states, I had been using a LIFX+IFTTT trigger without issue for weeks and then today it stopped working. The “Check Now” function on IFTTT works fine… it turns on/off the light. When I actually say “Alexa, trigger the living room lights” it states that it is sending it to IFTTT but nothing happens.

Any thoughts? I revoked permission to IFTTT from my LIFX Cloud Account. I did the “reconnect” function via IFTTT. No luck.

When you revoked, did the secret key change? I had this issue and had to update the key to get the maker channel to work again.

As far as I can tell, there isn’t a “secret key” involved with the LIFX channel on IFTTT. Again, it works via the “Check Now” function on IFTTT but not when actually speaking the command despite Alexa confirming it’s been sent to IFTTT.

Very odd.

And now it’s back to working. Again… very odd.

This was an issue between Echo and IFTTT. I spoke to Amazon support the day you’d posted this, and they said it was a known Echo issue and they were working on it.

If you would like us to look into the server logs to see if there was an issue on our end email

However myself and the other cloud engineers do get alerts if there are too many errors or if we stop seeing IFTTT events. So we are usually on top of it. We post updates on our status page if we see outages, even if its caused by a service we connect to, like IFTTT or Nest.