LIFX interfering with neighbours devices?

Hoping someone can help.

I recently bought two standard LIFX bulbs and they seemed to work perfectly.

A week later all the residents in my apartment building got a text message from the building manager that someones devices (fans, lights) were not working correctly and if anyone might know why.

I chatted with the building manager and I said I’d remove the recent LIFX bulbs to see if that made a difference and apparently it resolved the issue.

Is there a way I can program the connection so that it will not interfere with my neighbours devices?

Are you on a shared wireless network? Once they’re set up your lights shouldn’t be causing any more interference than a phone or laptop outside of your own network.

I’d consider talking with your building manager then adding one back and seeing if the problem returns. If the problem does return it’d be interesting to know what brand the affected fans and lights are. Also worth asking if the person with issues is in an apartment adjacent to yours.