LIFX is going to lose me as a customer!

Just to give an update as I experienced the same outcome and doing the same trouble shooting as acantril, with both my airport extremes, (really annoyed I didn’t see this thread until it was too late).

This is acantril’s thread from over a year ago!
acantril’s thread

Perfect devices that require no attention:
MINI colour
7 bulbs total

Horrible devices that require attention on a daily basis:
100mm downlight
A19 colour
7 bulbs total

Tech support was a horrible experience.
Most replies took a week and literally got nowhere and led me to paypal claim for a refund. They were quick to respond once they saw my paypal claim and that unfortunately immediately ended their search into what was wrong. No troubleshooting after that, they simply did not care.

I have sent the faulty bulbs back, hopefully i receive a refund and i will be replacing them with Philips hue as I have 12 hue products and they work brilliantly.

I fear for my working LIFX mini bulbs, as they may become useless in the very near future. Acantril nailed exactly what the problem was FEB 2018, a year and a half later they still cant fix them. I don’t see a good future for LIFX and think I may need to push them to refund all my devices.


I have both A19 and Mini Day & Dusk bulbs, and have had for a while now. The A19 bulbs still crash fairly often, but firmware updates have helped, and they are better than they were when I first bought them. The Mini bulbs are far more stable and I can’t remember the last time one crashed. I think the design has improved and the more recent bulbs are fine.

My partner’s sister is interested in trying Lifx to help her partner’s sleep pattern. Should I warn them off the A19 bulbs, or have they improved since I bought them?

Considering the A19 have been out for quite some time and are still buggy the only LIFX lights I can recommend are the MINI, I have a mixture of colour and day dusk which perform reliably.

When did you buy yours? I’m wondering whether newer A19s have improved.

It’s worth knowing that a lot of things have improved since I started using Lifx. The connection process used to be absolutely hellish, and that got properly fixed.

Mine were purchased late last year