LIFX is NOT supported by Google Home in Australia

Hi everyone,

I checked with Google Home’s support team why my Google Assistant wasn’t working with my LIFX bulbs and they responded with “I suggest you use IFTTT to control your LIFX lights as LIFX is not on our list of partners for Google Home in Australia.”

Googles list of supported partners in Australia shows that as of today, LIFX is not supported. Which is at best inconsistent, and at worst deceptive, when you look at the advice on LIFX’s Australian website, which says that Google Home is supported.

Raising this to LIFX and the developer community for their awareness, as while I expect the product works as advised in the US, here in Australia it’s currently incorrect. As it stands you’ll need a third party app like IFTTT to integrate the two systems, and many of the out of the box features like colour change are not available in the local market.

Hi Al.Sydney,

That is a strange message to get from Google’s support team. LIFX’s main office is in Australia and many of us use Google Home. Can you clarify what was happening when you tried to use Google Home with your lights?


That is strange. I have been using LIFX with Google Home and Assistant since January. First with US set then now after a factory reset to AU.

I have no issues and since the AU release it is more reliable.

I know that something like Harmony stopped working with the switch to AU, whilst it now connects with the latest update it still does nothing.

So for me no issue at all with Google home. It works well every time and I love it.

Thanks everyone for the replies. I did think it odd that an Australian product & company would not represent the correct level of local support . The product itself is excellent, by the way, but that goes without saying.
The thread is detailed on this Google Home Support Forum post, and the summary is that Google Home keeps saying “It looks like those lights haven’t been set up yet, just go to Google Home Control to add lights” even though the bulbs (two now) are already loaded in a specific room in the GH app. Have tried the usual firmware & factory resets, no joy.
What’s odd is that the accent on the GH speaker changes from Australian to American when it (or she?) reads out the error message.
So my takeout is that other Australian users are working LIFY & GH just fine out of the box. Mine, for reasons unknown, is not.