Lifx light turn blue after 4000 +++

hi guys. i got like 16 lifx bulb at my house . everything is good but only 1 light is turning blue everytime i switch the color after 4000++ . its work good at 3500 [yellow] after 4000. it be like 50% light blue . i need help with this
thank you guys

i did the firmware update . everything is up to date. [have been update by phone and windows]

So contact support. Asking the creators of the product is a far smarter idea.

I agree contacting support would be more beneficial, but I’d also like to know if maybe you’re seeing an optical illusion.

When I had regular 2700K lights in my apartment alongside LIFX lights, I noticed the LIFX ones looked really blue at higher color temperatures. After switching more of my 2700K bulbs with LIFX, I started noticing 5000K was white but 2700K was very orange.

I had a similar problem recently, though I just moved and do not have all of my bulbs installed yet, so I won’t be testing again for a while. If I find that it persists, I’ll update here. If this is not an isolated event, then it seems more possible that this is firmware related rather than a flaw with the hardware.
Please keep us posted on what your conclusion is once you contact support.