LIFX light used 1.66GB in 3 hours over OpenVPN

We had 5 LIFX lights installed for about 4 months without issue. Today while reviewing our bandwidth usage in our router, I notice that one of the bulbs last night between 9pm-midnight ET used 1.66GB of bandwidth.

This seems rather suspicious. Anyone have experience with Bandwidth usage on these lights?

Here is the complete breakdown of bandwidth usage between 9-midnight:

App Upload Download Total
OpenVPN 140.13 MB 1.52 GB 1.66 GB
SSL/TLS 375.86 KB 222.42 KB 598.28 KB
NTP 1.41 KB 1.41 KB 2.82 KB
DNS 376.00 Bytes 540.00 Bytes 916.00 Bytes
General 336.00 Bytes 176.00 Bytes 512.00 Bytes

Is there a way to see what these bulbs are actually doing? A log or something?


That is extremely unusual. The bulbs don’t have nearly enough computing power to run an OpenVPN tunnel. As far as I know we haven’t implemented OpenVPN on them at all. All the other bandwidth totals you listed are what I would expect.

Are you able to capture some packets for me so I can analyse what is going on in more detail? You should also contact our support team at

Thanks @daniel_hall

I’ll send an email to support and see if we can sort out where the strangeness comes from.

Let me know your case number when you have it and I’ll make sure it reaches one of our engineers. You can PM me here by replying to the PM I sent when you joined the Developer Zone.