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LIFX Mini Color | High WiFi retries / slow response relative to A60

Does anyone have any insight as to why the Mini Color has poorer network performance when compared with A60 devices?

I started out with the A60 bulbs, they have all been rock solid while running on my Ubiquiti AP AC Pro (with dedicated SSID).

Since that time I have invested in several Mini Color devices, but in my experience these bulbs are less reliable.

Here is an example A60:

…and here is a Mini located in the same room, about three meters away from the A60 and equidistant from the AP (no barriers):

Note the high retry & low data rates! This is common across all of the Mini’s we have installed, one or two located in different rooms, and all are slow to respond to commands (whereas the A60’s are near instant).

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I’ve passed this onto the team and we’re taking a look.

Thanks for the information!

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@delfick I’ve seen similar issues with my Minis and I’m also using Ubiquiti UAP-AC-PRO APs with a dedicated 2.4Ghz-only SSID just for the bulbs. Happy to get involved with testing if necessary, once I’m back in Melbourne later this month. :slight_smile:

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Adding a +1 here. Increased TCP latency, retries and dropped packets on a Mini Colour compared to an A19 in the same room.

Any progress on this? I’m still seeing High TCP Latency across all my Mini bulbs.