Lifx Mini on dimmer switches and dual sockets 1 switch

Hi all

I understand that smart led bulbs do not work effectively on dimmer switches. I am in the process of changing the switches to normal on/off switches. However, before I do this I have a question.

My living room has 4 dimmer switches to control 4 pair of wall lamps and two ceiling lights. Each wall lamp has 2 bulbs each so in total 8 wall bulbs and 2 separate ceiling bulbs.

1 dimmer switch controls two lamps = 4 bulbs. Now if I replace the bulbs in 1 lamp with (2 LIFX mini’s) both LIFX bulbs light up. Strangely I am only able to control 1 bulb via my phone and not the other. Now assuming the problem lies with the dimmer switches, I don’t want to go through the hassle of changing the dimmer switch if I am faced with the same problem with normal switches.

So my question now is this. Does LIFX mini’s or any smart bulb work on dual sockets that are controlled by 1 switch?

Thank you

LIFX Minis absolutely do work with multiple lights wired to one switch.

My bedroom has 3 minis in the central fixture. You should be able to see them all and control them individually when the fixture has power.

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