LIFX Neon Flex product code

Any chance that LIFX would update developer product database with LIFX Neon Flex?

I am assuming same LAN API works for new products as well?

The file was updated earlier today (thanks LIFX!) I’ve opened a PR to add the String and Neon to aiolifx and will add them to Home Assistant once that’s merged.

The LAN protocol works just fine. Both the String and the Neon are linear multizone devices like the Beam and Lightstrip.

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PR to support Neon and String in Home Assistant: Bump aiolifx and aiolifx-themes to support new LIFX devices by Djelibeybi · Pull Request #104498 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Hey thanks for adding them to the products.json! I also added support for these new products in openHAB. :slight_smile: