LIFX neon usb port wired protocol documentation?

Hey! I’m very interested in controlling LIFX strips with a WLED controller instead of relying on the LIFX LAN protocol, as WLED would give me a much wider array of possible effects. Especially since the LIFX neon strips seem to be quite a bit brighter than the competition with a wider array of colors. Is there any way I could get some documentation of what protocol is used over the wire from the controller box to the light strip itself over USB? I’d like to avoid having to plug in a logic analyzer myself and figure it out if possible, don’t want to risk destroying my nice Neon strip.

Interesting project! Here’s some resources to get you started:

From LIFX:

Existing Arduino implementations on GitHub*:

On this forum:

If you run into issues, I’d suggest checking known working implementations in other languages:

*) I haven’t tried any of these
**) Disclaimer: I’m a lack-luster maintainer of this, but the protocol level communication has been mostly implemented by the (inactive) original creator of node-lifx
Please do report back if the project ends up somewhere!

Nevermind, what you we’re asking was low level communications. I suggest digging out the logic analyzer. Note that the strips still only got a few zones.

This library claims to implement various effects using aiolifx mentioned above: GitHub - amelchio/aiolifx_effects: aiolifx light effects