LIFX not playing well with ALEXA (no response from LIFX support)

So I sent the following email to LIFX and got a ticket (215548) as if they were doing work but have not heard any updates with them. I put in a ticket with amazon as well because I am not sure if it is a amazon issue or LIFX and amazon has been working diligently trying to solve the issue and I don’t see the same customer service from LIFX.

Here is the email I sent them.

I am emailing you because I am having a lot of issues with my Lifx bulbs. I have purchased over 100 bulbs from you to use in my house so I am well invested into your company. I have even upgraded a lot of bulbs to the generation 3 and gave some old bulbs away. So here is my list of concerns

1. App seems a lot of glitches. I am using mostly android devices. and a couple of windows devices.

2. I have a lot of issues with Alexa control just for Lifx only, I have a lot of smart home controlled devices such as HUE, INSTEON, WINK, SMARTHINGS and she understand all of those perfect. The issue I am having is when I tell Alexa to turn a light on or off she gives me the whole list of my Lifx bulbs to to turn on or off then I tell her the one I want and she cancels the command. Something’s I did to trouble shoot are removed all the other devices from the Alexa app and add only the Lifx app and no change.

3. Since Alexa was not working correct I figured I would try to use the Google assistant on my android phone and it works perfect except for one thing when I connected the Lifx app to Google assistant it created a lot of doubles of bulbs so I am thinking there are some error in my Lifx cloud somewhere when it loaded these bulbs in.

Based off my issues from items 2 and 3 its seem that Lifx is only having issues with Alexa so I am not sure if Lifx is currently working with Alexa to fix this issue or if there is a solution you can give me to alleviate this issue.

4. I bought a 3rd generation BR30 bulb and I am having nothing but issues every time I power the off then then on a few hours later it resets. I thought the bulb may have been in factory test mode and tried to take it out of that based off of your support FAQ and that seemed not to help. Now I tried to add the bulb back in to the Lifx app and it will not claim it. So I am thinking I need to exchange this bulb for a new since it fall under the 2 year warranty still so if you could set me up with the procedure to do this that would be great.

Finally as you can see I invested into a lot of smart home technology especially invested into your product both money and time wise so I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me out with these issues.

I hope to hear back from you in a timely manner.

Here is a follow up email and still nothing from them.


I have 101 bulbs set up in my house so I well invested into your product.

I sent a email with feedback from my other email address and incase you did not receive it here it is again so I would like to get the problems I am having solved quickly as possible, even if that means a phone call because I have spent well over $6000 with just bulbs not including updating my routers and other smart home product to make all of my smarthome products work seam less with your product. So with all the money spent you can see why these issues are high on my priory list.

So I am starting by posting on there developer website to get a proper response since I have invested a lot of money into this company. My next step if still no response would be to post this on social media since I would know their product the best since I own a lot of it.

Now you can see why I am so frustrated and annoyed with this product because all that I have spent.

May I ask what make and model of router you are using?

This is what I have.


Did you ever get a response? I am starting to think that LIFX is going out of business given their lack of support and lack of development fixes.

Make sure about, you have latest update LIFX app.
Check bulbs have latest firmware update

If you have so many bulbs you are probably giving them name that are to long. Alexa gets confused if the the names are too long. Master bath, hall, living, dining is what I use. Had to rename from Dining room, living room etc to get her to acknowledge each time. Works better now when I can get them all on the network. Lifx sucks on support. Everyone has trouble with them dropping off the network. How do you have 101 bulbs with no issue? I have about 55 and most of the time most of them are not working.

Lifx Has stepped up their support and they do need more support for a user with standard residential equipment. We do not have standard residential equipment in our house. As I noted above we have invented in a commercial grade network system which is the UNIFY PROFESSIONAL EDGE SYSTEM.

The reason we upgraded to this type of system is because the house is pretty fully smarthome.

I have everything I c an converted to insteon. and alexa and with numerous other smarthome devices.

If it is smarthome I have pretty much tried or looked into it.