LIFX on android slow to open since latest update?

The app takes a whole 6 seconds to load to the home page and is regularly freezing on the color dial page. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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The app is freezing a lot and the light is even becoming unresponsive sometimes. Was there an update to the app recently?

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If you’re on Android and can side load apps (install directly from 3rd party packages), you can downgrade the app. Personally I’ve downgraded all my devices to version 3.15.2 before the big redesign and disabled automatic updates for LIFX in Google Play.

The old version for me is faster, more stable and easier to use. On a tablet for example I can see all my lights AND groups at once!

We’re currently investigating why some customers are seeing slow startup times on Android. Can you send through diagnostics and then DM me your ticket #?

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It’s not just slow startup up, the app freezes when returning to it from a screen off device. Also sometimes the light stops responding all together. I can move the brightness slider up and down and the light doesn’t respond. I have to force close the app from settings and restart it. How do I get Diagnostics? Where do I send them to?

Where do you find the older version?

If you go to Settings (cog icon), Advanced Settings > Submit Diagnostics. It will trigger an email to our support channel. Put a brief description into that email and then you’ll get an auto-response with a ticket #. Send me that ticket # and we’ll work to get it fixed up for you.

I used to find it from apkmirror but can’t seem to anymore unfortunately. Or it might have been from an old backup. There might be other sites that archive old installation packages, just google it.

But if you’re otherwise happy with the new version, I would suggest to give the support team a chance to fix it first.