LIFX on Apple Carplay?

It would be great if when I drive away from my home or come back to my place, that I could switch on my lights already from my car.
Do you guys think that Lifx could make an update to the LIFX App that will support Apple Carplay too? Actually it would not be a “big thing” and would be more than nice. For Apple Carplay doesn’t excist many good apps, except of some radio channels. If you woul bring this… this would be amazing for many users.

I’ve forwarded this request onto our iOS developers. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll let you know here if something comes of it. :smiley:

I’m building the iOS app for LIFX, thanks for your question. Right now CarPlay is a closed platform and developers need to be specifically invited by Apple to contribute and build apps for it. We’re pretty keen to explore new platforms and frameworks so would be excited to look at CarPlay when Apple eventually open it up for wider use.

Thanks! Matt