LIFX Onboarding process doesn't work anymore after firmware update


I had much using the LIFX light. But now, after having updated the firmware, which seemed to work so far, the LIFX App didn’t recognize the Bulb anymore and the bulb wasn’t responding on commands either. So I hard-resetted the bulb and waited about half an hour, the bulb flashes once, but the setup-process stops on the point “Waiting for LIFX device”, as well on the Homekit as on the “normal” network onboarding process! After a while, I can see “an unexpected error occured. Try again”.

I am not sure, if I can do anything by myself, as I guess that there might have been any damage within the firmware update process.
I tried to follow the following steps:

I am looking forward to your ideas on solving this problem!

Contact their support team.