LIFX Product List out-of-date

It seems that the LIFX Product List is out of date yet again. :slightly_frowning_face:

Both the LIFX Products Documentation and source json file are out-of-date.

Any chance to get this updated - I know about at least one new product BR30 with firmware 3.6 that has a product id of 63.

It would be useful if the LIFX team could keep this up-to-date before products are released to market. It reflects badly on LIFX and doesn’t result in a good customer experience when a user buys a LIFX Device in the expectation that it is going to work in their situation and it doesn’t. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for pointing this out!

This task got lost in the end of year work that we had.

This work week has ended now (we’re in Melbourne Australia) but I’ll get to this when I’m back at work on Monday.

There is pid 62 and pid 63 which are the next generation of the A19 (pid 27) and BR30 (pid 28) respectively.

You mention that your device isn’t working in some way, I’m curious as to what is broken.

Thanks for the quick reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am using the Github lifxlan python library in my LIFX Controller Indigo plugin that didn’t include device definitions for product ids 62 and 63 as they weren’t documented. Therefore users purchasing and installing these new LIFX lamps and expecting to be able to use this library to control them via Indigo were out-of-luck as the lamps were unknown to the library and therefore ignored.

Oh right, that’s unhelpful. I would suggest making an issue on that repository asking for the library to default to thinking lights are just a colour light with no other special features.

As there will most likely always be a lag between libraries updating their product definitions and us updating ours.


I’ve updated the product json file

I’m working on restructuring the lan documentation to make it a bit better and that’ll take me a bit longer to complete. I’ll let you know once that’s done.

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