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LIFX Reliability Issues


I’m not sure what to do… I just bought about $1500 worth and having connection issues with some more than others. Each day I have to reset or reconnect a light.

But I’ve had them since the end of August so I guess it’s too late to return them. Does anyone know the returns Span, I can’t find it anywhere.

Its a shame the bulbs can’t just continue to look for connection and reset it’s own connection when it says offline but I guess that’s not a fix they can do… hmmmm


I had reliability when I first started using Lifx but after they replaced the three or four that had issues, I haven’t had any problems at all for two years. I was very surprised and doubtful I had three bad bulbs out of the 5 I bought initially but tech support said to replace them and I did and it worked. Have you called support?