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LIFX strip colour differences

Hey guys, recently updated my strips with two new units.

One from Lifx direct, the other from JB hifi.

The colours don’t seem to match each other (both on the same °), and the unit from Lifx direct has different whites. Anyone know what’s going on?

Other unit has less categories of white

i’ve encountered the same issue. different white selections for different lights. what is that about?

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Check if the firmware version is the same for both. LIFX have been adjusting colour output across firmware version updates.

Thanks! Updated firmware, but they’re still both on different versions, with no further updates available.

One is on v2.77 and the other is on v3.80. So strange and a bit frustrating.

Gen2 bulbs use the 2.77 firmware and Gen3 bulbs use 3.80. My understanding is that the colour representation should coalesce across both versions over time, but I haven’t looked too deeply into it personally.

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