LIFX support of Google Assistant (Home) is limited to a single google account :-(

I raised this as a support ticket ( #218685 ), but as LIFX does not publish this limitation I want to post it here so you are all aware…a public service announcement

What does this mean? With LIFX linked to your Google Assistant account, you will be unable to link it to an additional google account.

Why is this an issue? “OK Google” on my phone is tied to my voice/my phone, if my wife attempts to say a command nothing will happen. It is important to allow an one-to-many relationship (One LIFX cloud account to many Google Assistant accounts) so all the folks in the home can command the lights from their phones.

Walkthrough of the issue:

  1. Link LIFX to my Google Assistant
  2. Success, 10 devices appear in my Google Assistant
  3. Next, Open my wife’s Google Assistant and link to the same LIFX account
  4. Shows success, but 0 devices appear in my wife’s Google Assistant - no error, just no devices.

This issue is specific to the LIFX - Google Assistant integration. I do not have this issue with other Google Assistant integrations, such as TP-LINK Kasa. For TP-LINK Kasa, I am able to associate both of our Google Assistants to the same TP-LINK account. Thus my wife can control the TP-LINK smart plugs through Google Assistant, but not the LIFX lights (boo) :frowning: