LIFX Switch Amazon Alexa Echo compatibility

Just got a new LIFX Smart Switch and installed it without issue. I got the firmware updated to the new 3.90 version which brought in a lot of the functionality that it seemed to be missing initially. Everything works great within the LIFX app. The problem I’m having is that I can’t get our the Amazon Alexa app to recognize the switch at all in order to be able to issue voice commands. We have had 20 or so LIFX bulbs around the house for a few years now and they are all connected into the Alexa app just fine. The new Smart Switch is added to my LIFX cloud account (confirmed in both the app and at I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling everything - the LIFX app, the Alexa app, the LIFX skill within the Alexa app, & hardware reset the new Smart Switch, and I’m still getting nowhere.

I’m under the impression that the Smart Switch product is supposed to connect with Alexa - first of all because it says so right on the product box, and second, reading reviews of the Smart Switch on various retail websites I’ve found numerous other users mentioning using Alexa voice commands to turn on “dumb lights” via the Smart Switch. One thing I did notice though: within the Alexa app, in the prompt for adding a new device, the LIFX brand does not appear under the switches category, only under lights. I’ve tried to adding the Smart Switch as a new device by selecting “LIFX Light”, “Other” under the switches category, and just the “Other” catchall at the bottom of the device type list - nothing found with any of them.

Does anybody know of any existing issues with LIFX Smart Switch Amazon Alexa compatibility? Is there some trick I’m missing here? Or did something change in a recent update (either of Alexa or LIFX apps)?