Lifx switch and smartthings

I’m trying to get lifx working with smart things and I seem to be running in to an issue. I have a smart things motion sensor and I can set it so when it senses motion it will turn on a couple of lifx smart bulbs, but I also want it to be able to turn on a single smart switch relay, but I cant seem to select just 1 of the relays from the switch. Its either the whole switch (4 relays) or nothing.

The lifx app its self had the same issue with scenes a while back but that appears to now be fixed. Are we going to get the same fix for smart things any time soon?

For anyone replying with workarounds, I’ve already tried a few. Smart things cant see lifx scenes so I cant use that. Google home does see the lifx individual relays AND the smart things devices but cant seem to trigger routines from the smart things devices. If you know a fix to either of these 2 things then it would help in the mean time.