LIFX Switch availability, LAN usage


I’m in the middle of the construction, want to move in somewhere around November. I’d like to have LIFX lights everywhere in the house, so it would be nice to have the switch as well. Here comes my questions:

  • I’m not sure about the availability in Europe, so… if it won’t be available, can I just order some from US/Australia and use them? Is there a difference?
  • I know they’re not 2-way switches, but is it possible to have 2 or 3 switches for the same lamp, it would be wired to one switch and the rest would control via internet?
  • Do they require internet, or would they work just fine on local network? I would really love to use these switches, but if it doesn’t work on LAN it kinda seems pointless to me currently.


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I assume this is your post ? (or crazy coincidence!)

And yes, the LIFX Switch currently doesn’t have local control. But that is something we’re looking into for the future.

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Yes, sorry about that! Electrician wanted some answers fast, so I didn’t know where to post… :slight_smile:

Is there an ETA for that feature? And anything about the rest? It would be really helpful!

I have no timeline sorry. Local control is not currently an active item on the roadmap.

Oh damn, it should be. Thanks anyway!

Re: [WARNING] Controlling dumb lights from multiple switches

I actually can’t believe this isn’t a priority. I was under the impression this was a basic function before I purchased the switches. It should be clear that they don’t function this way and I imagine it will be a deal breaker for many. It would have been for me if it was clearer before I purchase. I run LIFX switches but “dumb” downlights. I planned heavily when I did my renovation but didn’t realise it didn’t have “2-way switching”. The FAQ says:

Q. Does LIFX switch support 2-way control? A. Yes, you can control the lights both with the LIFX Switch and with the LIFX app, as well as any other 3rd party integrations you have. (for clarity though conventional 2-way control isn’t supported)

That’s not very clear as using a button on a smart switch to control a button on another switch is definitely not conventional 2-way switching and it reads like you should be able to press a button anywhere and have it turn off any of the lights circuits you have connected at any other switch.

Also from the website: The LIFX Switch can also be used to control standard lights. A button can control on/off so you can set a schedule or a scene to include the dumb lights.

This is a not true. You cannot control dumb lights with a scene and if you create a schedule, you can only turn on all of the lights connected to the switch. You cannot control a button individually.

For example, I have a switch at the bottom of my stairs that controls my rumpus lights, stairs and study nook area. I wanted to be able to turn on/off only the lights to the stairs from the LIFX switch I have installed upstairs in my bedroom. The only way to do that is to control the whole switch which means when I press the button upstairs, it turns on (or off) all of the lights connected to that switch.

Please make sure you understand this before you go out and purchase these switches and don’t make the same mistake I did. I’m now stuck with this until LIFX fixes the problem as I didn’t wire my house for “conventional 2-way switching”.

I’m facing that very same issue as well over here with the scheduling bit. It makes it completely unfeasible to be used when installed in the front foyer for instance, where it would turn on/off a set of exterior lights, mixed with interior lights.

I’ve thought of many ways to get around this but none of them are viable even if it is possible (ie. buy two switches, to control external lights that can be turned on all at the same time, and then install another one next to it so it can control the internal lights) - but that’s not really a smart thing to do frankly - considering it’s a software workaround that could be achieved if only somebody bothered to code it.

2-way conventional linking isn’t possible even if it was wired - then a button that controls another button that is connected to a dumb-[something] isn’t possible in the app - as it doesn’t identify items connected to the switch as a light (because it could potentially be a fireplace, coffee machine…).

Somebody needs to look at this with greater urgency I think :slight_smile:

for scheduling i got around the issue with using ifttt as it allows individual button control.

also the api allows individual button control.

so by the looks of it the capability is in the backend already, lifx just needs to update their app front end to allow the programming to be done.


I keep reading how Lifx Switch currently does not have local control, and Lifx
are looking into this. (Since Feb 2020).
There are some notices that Lifx may solve these issues by the ‘end of quarter’ 2021.

Is this correct? I am doing a major renovation with many lights and will not accept
a delay when using the Lifx Switch.
(I wish you could just offer a Hub to buy. Small price in the scheme of things).

Anyway, is the fix for local control imminent?



I also purchased these smart switches under the assumption that it would be able to control/assign buttons on one smart switch to another smart switch.

As iterated before in previous post, it seems like this is essentially a missing feature on the app as the backend has partial support for it (ability to turn on an off a button on a switch through the app).

It would be nice if each “button” on a LIFX switch was treated as an independent “device”. This would resolve most of the problems users are having.

Either that or allow buttons to be assigned to a scene…

Any update here? Really looking for LAN Control for the LIFX Switches.