LIFX Switch Capabilities & Improvements

First time poster here…

So I’ve just received 4 LIFX Switch outlets for the home. So far they have been easy to set up and install, there was a bit of a work around with the LIFX app as the switches wouldn’t populate when searching for new device. So I had to select the section down the bottom that says unit is not recognised by home kit.

Purpose of getting the switches was to initially integrate with IFTTT for the outside lights for when I got home from work… hit a street nearby to home and didn’t have to rely on my wife to turn on the outside lights. Anyway, I’ve set that up and it works fine. However I have found that when setting up the switch, you cannot separate the four individual lights as they exist on one panel. For example;
Switch One (Entrance of Home)

  • Front Eaves
  • Porch Light
  • Hallway Pendant
  • Hallway Lights

The group for the switch is called Entrance, and the ability to set a schedule is available, however as the lights are connected to the one outlet, I’ve found that LIFX haven’t given the ability to separate the lights. So if I wanted to create a schedule where the Hallway Pendant turns on just before Sunset, like with most schedules, it’s restricted to turning on the whole ‘Entrance’ group and not individual lights. Hopefully this makes sense and is something that LIFX opens up as options, as it will prove difficult in the future for users to enjoy the best experience possible. So far I’ve enjoyed the light switches in the last 24hrs, if anyone has any questions, feel free to fire away…!

Currently running
4x TV Strips
5x Lamps
4x Switch Outlets, with combination of operating fixed lights, existing LIFX lights and soon to be scenes including Google Routines (if possible)
38 smart devices in the home in total.

Purpose of the post is to give LIFX some feedback and possibly improve the product. Hopefully they improve the ability to control the lights individually.

*would have included another pic if it allowed me, may be able to in another reply.

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Hey @ChowderChimp, thanks for the feedback on the Switches. Good to hear that you like them. There is a version of the app (4.3) currently in public beta which has a separate onboarding flow optimised for the Switch. The ability to target individual relays in Schedules and display them on the dashboard will be coming in a future app release.

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Sounds great Mark, appreciate the quick response. Might be getting ahead of myself on this, but will the switches be able to act as an activation for multiple actions like google routines such as Turning on the TV, setting scenes, similar to the Flic button product, or just focusing on the LIFX products. I’m assuming integration not be that vast for brand protection, but just curious. Sorry for the 21 questions. Also, is it possible for me to join the public beta or apply?

We are investigating a number of possible expansions for Switch functionality, for both LIFX and 3rd party products. We will be surveying the first round of Switch users later this year about how they are using and would like to be able to use their Switch in the future.

To get that beta build follow one of the links below :

On iOS you’ll need to get the TestFlight app and download the new version.
On Android the Play Store will download the new version after a ~5 mins.


Thanks mate.

Really enjoying the products and customer service.


Not sure if there was an intention for this, so thought I would ask anyway.

The LIFX Switch allows the user to allocate a button to an existing LIFX device somewhere in the home. However what if the user wishes to allocate that spare switch to another Non-LIFX light which is already connected to another LIFX Switch, for example; a hallway light where the LIFX switch allocated to the light is down the other end of the home. Will it be possible to make it a ‘two way switch’ because of the LIFX connection even though it’s a non LIFX bulb? Hopefully that makes sense.

We don’t currently support that use case but it is something that we are considering.

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Hi all, Just purchased the switch the last few days and while I think its a bit underdeveloped at the moment, its a great product.

As a result of this thread, I have jumped on the testflight beta and the improvements are great.

@markh when are you guys going to make the API available for the switch?

It’s been a couple of months since our last communication. I haven’t noticed an updates or changes to the LIFX Switch and wondering if there are any plans? After having them for a couple of months now, I’ve found their use limited, even though they so much potential. Just a couple of questions around it…

Are there any plans for ‘Non-LIFX’ lights which are connected to the Switch Panel to allow them to be added to a Scene? I’ve found that only LIFX Bulbs allow this feature. I would have thought that the Switch would allow this.

Also, is there any intention to allow a ‘separate onboarding flow’ for the Switch as mentioned in your first reply?

I’ve been on the beta for a while now but no update I’ve seen has offered this option. It would be great to separate the lights within the Switch rather than being limited to use only the group itself when setting a schedule. Having four lights turn on at the same time as the only option when just one particular light is the goal, isn’t ideal.

Hopefully my questions make sense. It would be great to receive a reply when able. Cheers mate

Hey @ChowderChimp,

There are numerous improvements for the Switch in the pipeline at the moment. As this is the first non-lighting product LIFX has made, we needed to take the time to see how users would respond to it in order to work out how to sequence the enhancements.

Are there any plans for ‘Non-LIFX’ lights which are connected to the Switch Panel to allow them to be added to a Scene?
I’ve been on the beta for a while now but no update I’ve seen has offered this option. It would be great to separate the lights within the Switch rather than being limited to use only the group itself when setting a schedule

In answer to your feature questions, yes they are coming. They are in the design phase at the moment.

Also, is there any intention to allow a ‘separate onboarding flow’ for the Switch as mentioned in your first reply?

There is a separate onboarding flow for Switch in the app already. This is mainly there to direct users to Wi-Fi onboarding at this stage (as HomeKit is still in progress for Switch), but there is also Switch specific setup instructions at the end of onboarding.

Thanks for the quick reply @markh!
Without feedback it’s hard to determine what consumers need/want, so definitely understandable.

Looking forward to what’s in development at the moment and what’s to come!

Regarding the separate onboarding flow… now forgive me for lack of understanding, i’m new to all of this. So it’s a very basic level. :wink:

When you mention ‘separate onboarding flow’, I’m thinking that you’re talking about where you can choose the individual light after clicking on the group in the main page in app. As seen in the first two pics I’ve added…

I may have missed the ball, however i’m speaking about the section where you can create a new schedule and when pressing devices, it only allows the group (whole switch I guess, being the device). I’m running the most updated app and have gone through it with a fine tooth comb…

Feel free to let me know if i’m off course with my understanding.


@ChowderChimp no worries. When I was talking about onboarding, I was specifically talking about the setup process of connecting your switch to your network. We will be improving the Switch configuration process more flexible, so you’ll be able to target individual non-LIFX lights in Scenes & Schedules in the future.

@markh - Got it.
Thanks and appreciate the quick responses. Looking forward to seeing what happens with the upcoming changes. Cheers

While we’re on the subject of the LIFX Switch, do you have any plans to make either the HTTP or LAN protocol specifications public, like you did with the bulbs?

One of the reasons the original LIFX kickstarter bulbs became so popular was because we got that level of access to the device so our ability to create custom solutions was unlimited. The Switch is (currently, but hopefully not permanently) the antithesis of this, with all functionality limited by what the LIFX app provides (and what your product roadmap controls).


It’s been a full year has the individual button control for scheduling been released yet?

Hi, does anyone have info on using the HTTP API with the Switch, the documentation does not seem to have been updated with how to control/get status of the individual relays ??

I’d just like to bump this topic as has been pointed out by David, its been over a year now and we still cant select individual relays in scenes or schedules.

I have a switch at my front door for my front porch, entrance way, hall lights and garage. I have no way of turning on just the hall lights in a scene without lighting the house up from outside.

I would also absolutely love the ability to disassociate the switches from the relays. My installer just wired up the light relays as he grabbed the cables and as this is a smart switch I would love the ability to change the button associations so I can fix this (so say switch 1 would control relay 2 and switch 2 would control relay 1). As it is now they don’t seem that smart, but from all the other things you can do with them this would seem only a software limitation and so should be fixable.

Twenty days later and still waiting, I highlighted the exact same issue regarding not being able to set a button to be smart and control an individual relay of another switch, I got a response from Adam and he didn’t appear to understand the issue and asked for a video of the issue…

HomeKit has been promised over and over again too, first it was in 2020 then late 2020 then by the start of 2021 and now it is near the end of 2021 and still no update, I believe they may be waiting for Apple to add a new home device for them that would allow fine grain control, a workaround temporarily would be for the LIFX Switch to present to HomeKit as four individual relay devices (similar to existing smart WiFi plugs for example).

Please can someone from LIFX provide an update, I now have eight LIFX Switches in my house that are not as smart as I was hoping they would be.

Still no replies by LIFX after nine days…

@admins whats the status on this?