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LIFX Switch - Constant Unlinking from Rooms in Google

Hey guys,

I’ve got about 12 LIFX products throughout my home, ranging from globes, strips and Switches.

They have all been working great, and I’m really happy with them. However I’ve noticed that over the last 3 months, the Switches have been unlinking from the designated rooms in Google Home app. It’s only the switches, the rest are fine.

I’ve continually added them back into the allocated rooms, but found that not long after, they keep leaving, with the app saying ‘8 devices not in a home’.

Has anyone else experienced this problem or could offer any solutions?

Reason why it would be good for them to have a ‘home’ is it allows me to set routines in Google. Whereas when they aren’t in a home, it won’t allow it. Eg; setting porch lights to turn on at a certain time at night to make it easier when people get home from work.

I’m emailing, however wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this?

Thanks heaps!

Thanks for making a ticket, I’m sure we’ll be taking a look :slight_smile:

I have the same issue with 2 Lifx Switches. Every day or so the switches will unlink themselves from the rooms.

I have 4 switches, they can have issues when the power goes out or the wifi resets, I typically have to hold the 4th button to reset them to connect or go out to my power meter box and turn off the light circuit and turn it back on. I emailed Lifx about this issue but no response yet.