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LIFX Switch & DL Review/Requests


Thought I would give my two cents on the products and where to from here.
I currently have

22 x RGB DL

Connecting the downlights:
Pain in the bum! You can get them to connect, that’s never an issue. Its how many attempts it takes that is the issue. I would always recommend you use the broadcasting wifi and don’t use the LIFX app to add the DL. After a few failed tries the DL requires a factory reset to work again
If adding to homekit - that can take up to 4-5 tries before homekit finally accepts the device. Not sure if that is just a Homekit or LIFX issue.

Using the downlights:
No issues. Haven’t had one drop off once connected - Through the LIFX app they have all been very responsive and work perfectly. Any issues with control has been due to Homekit

Connecting the Switch:
Neutrals for every point was a headache but thankfully my house had two way’s all over it & a two way can be converted to a neutral (FYI to anyone who isn’t aware of that). Connecting switch to LIFX app worked easy. Word of warning - disconnect any LIFX light connected to the switch when you reset for the first time - It made all my DL’s connected go into factory reset mode & had to connect them one by one again… not fun.

Using the switch:
Works great but was surprised at a few things:

  • Individual button doesn’t light up when on (if in Smart mode) similar to a dumb circuit. It comes on then off after two seconds.
  • Inability to create a scene/automation with one circuit is mind boggling. I was surprised that isn’t available yet. My goal was to put outdoor lights on different automations for night which I cannot do now as its the entire switch or nothing. Assuming this is top of the agenda to update?
  • One power cycle (was plastering one of the gaps) on the switch has created a fault where its connected to the network by disappeared off the app. I now need to go up, disconnect all the smart lights (so they don’t reset) and factory reset the switch. Very strange & hopefully not going to happen often.