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LIFX Switch - Feature/Enhancements - Roadmap?

Hello LIFX,

I have gone all-in with LIFX throughout the house but have a few queries/ feature requests in terms of understanding the roadmap, keen for your thoughts:

  1. I understand the 2-way conventional switches are not available, but when can we create a software version of 2-way? i.e. one switch downstairs can be mapped too the switch upstairs to allow controlling of lights on a single relay.

  2. I want to use the switches at the bedside, however the backlights are too bright when the room is dark. Can we have an option to switch the backlights off or dim them?

  3. Can we control the switch using LAN vs. Cloud - going all in means I am at the mercy of the internet connection in my house for controlling my LIFX downlights!

  4. any news on when the 1 and 2 button versions of the switch available? - I really dont need 4 switches for a single bedside light.

  5. any thoughts on when we can use the switches to control things other than LIFX devices? for example it would be great if I could make one of the buttons map to closing the motorised blinds.


agreed id love a “2 gang” switch, and there needs to be lan support not cloud. It feels like lifx has taken their foot off the pedal though (software releases and support)

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It’s in early access: Smart Switch - 2 Button – LIFX US

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