Lifx Switch, Forced APPLE, Missed Opportunity

I should not be forced to use an apple product to control my lights on LAN.

I have reviewed your 3.90 switch update and I am more then frustrated you have 16 bytes available per switch gesture. in those 16 bytes I can fit 6 bytes of MAC : 4 Bytes of Port : 6 bytes to spare

I still find it fascinating how we still dont have proper interdevice communication on these switches. I see a post going back almost three years asking for direct device communication.

So this is my request enable the switch to use them 16 bytes as a LAN communication exactly as I stated above. 6 bytes for the MAC, 4 Bytes for the Port: 6 bytes for whatever. Upon switch button press/gesture a packet is sent to designated port with a simple message of ButtonGesture and the Button ID.

With this super simple implementation you have now opened your switch up to IFTT, Google Assistant, and Many other services tht your lights are already working on and your switch is absent from.

This is a very simple request tht could be written in less then a workday.

Side Note: After reviewing the new LANAPI for the switches it looks like this interdevice communication has already been thought of as i see the “ButtonTargetType” have reserved indicators for 0 and 1.