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LIFX switch integration with Google home

Hi all,

I recently installed a LIFX switch to control four sets of dumb lights in my house. I was able to integrate the switch into Google home which allowed me to control each button on the switch independently which is awesome After a recent network outage the link between LIFX and Google home was disconnected, meaning I had to add the four devices (one per switch button) back into rooms within Google home.

Yesterday I had another maintenance outage and when I came back online not only had the buttons disconnected from Google home again, the entire switch would not show up in the LIFX app. I reset the switch and added it back into the LIFX app and noticed when changing the names of the buttons I had to force close the app to get the names update otherwise I was getting a spinning wheel with no change.

Now with the LIFX app working, when I add the switch back into Google home I do not see four devices to control each button independently, but it only recognizes the switch as one device and recognizes it as a smart light rather than a switch. this means all I can do now is turn every single light on and off at the same time.

I’ve tried unlinking and re-linking accounts, deleting and reinstalling apps, turning off the power at the mains to let the switch reset, renaming groups etc but to no success.

Anyone have any idea why all of a sudden Google and LIFX are not talking to each other properly?