LIFX Switch is now HomeKit enabled

Is what the LIFX Switch looks like in the Home app.

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How did you you manage to get the update? I’m refreshing mine every 10 mins and still haven’t received the update …

I’m assuming the firmware went to the beta testers (like myself) first, then is being staged after the GA release of the 4.11 version of the app to the Apple Store.

There are some pretty big changes in this update, so LIFX is definitely doing the right thing here in terms of risk management. A slow, staged released means that in the event of an early real-world edge-case failure, the amount of already upgraded devices affected is as low as possible.

For those in a Google Home ecosystem, the Lifx switch is also addressible at each button level now with Google Home as well. This was confirmed via a Lifx Engineer directly with me but I haven’t tested as yet. My biggest question at the moment is seeing what happens with the recapitalisation or sale of Buddy/Lifx to ensure there’s continuity of service for their cloud platform. I really don’t want to go down the Apple ecosystem with HomeKit.

Do you run Home Assistant? If so, you’ll be able to use the HomeKit Controller integration from release version 2022.05, which is due in a couple of weeks. I have this working in dev already.

The functionality of their devices will survive a loss of their cloud service, though re-implementing it will require some amount of effort, depending on what you used it for.

@Djelibeybi I updated my 20 switches to the new 3.90 version, however it seems the Android 4.11 version of the App has yet to be released. I did see a note somewhere that the HomeKit integration uses Local control rather than the cloud. is this true. If so then HA would be something I’d like to use.

Yes, the HomeKit implementation is all local. The code tweaks required to get the Switch to onboard successfully should be available in next week’s beta release. Stable release should be in the 2022.05 release on 4 May.

I’ve also requested the public protcol be updated to include the new LAN protocol messages that enable this local control: Updated protocol docs for new LIFX Switch configuration options · Issue #6 · LIFX/public-protocol · GitHub

Thanks for the quick reply - I will keep an eye open for the updates. Also, thanks for the LAN protocol update request. I would love to be able to get Switch events. I use both Hubitat and Home Assistant and this would solve a lot of problems.

Buttons press events are already local using Home Assistant’s HomeKit Controller integration, but having configurable notifications would be ideal.

I need to spend some time coming to grips with this. I have been using a Hubitat and while it’s OK for bulb control, to use the switches I need to poll them. I have 20 and as you would expect to get an acceptable latency I need too much resource for this to be practical. I didn’t know that the HomeKit Controller Integration already provided the Button press events so I will start with that.

What I meant was, that it’ll all be local to Home Assistant once the fixes are out with the 2022.05 release.

Just to be clear, will the 2022.05 release mean that the HA HomeKit integration allows local control via the 3.6 release, or that HA will natively allow local control? I am midway through moving from one house to a new one and only have HE installed. HA in a week or so - I hope.

When 2022.05 is released, you’ll be able to register your Switches with Home Assistant using its ability to pretend to a HomeKit Controller. The Switch will then operate entirely locally, controlled by HASS.

I’m running the Android beta and have version 4.11.0 (b10497). However no firmware updates are being offered to me. Is Firmware 3.90 only available for iOS?

Edit: Never mind it took a few hours after the app update to detect new firmware. Just be patient and it will get there. Here is what it looks like in the native Android app. This is everything I have been asking for - love it!!!

Bug Report: @paulwrussell I think there is an issue with the way the firmware version is labelled. The app tells me that the update is for firmware 3.86 but once installed I have firmware 3.90.

Thanks for the great feedback. Yeah we identified that issue and expect the fix to be int he next service release. You are going to start to see updates come through very regularly now.

@paulwrussell Not sure if you have seen this but there is an issue with the way switches control another switch (to enable 2 way lighting):

@Djelibeybi Is there anything required to make the lifx switches discoverable to the homekit controller (I’m running HA 2022.5.0beta2). Scanning my network using Android Service Browser shows my other homekit devices (including lifx bulbs) but not the switches.

@illuzn they only broadcast for 15 minutes after boot. If it’s been longer than that, reboot it.

Beta/RC docs: Updated docs: LIFX - Home Assistant

@illuzn on it. trying ot make some time to respond in that thread.

Yeah all it takes to reboot is holding down the bottom button until. you feel the haptic feedback.

@paulwrussell Is getting a homekit pairing code only available from the iOS app? That section doesn’t appear at all in the android app.

I have tried rebooting the switch and also removing it from cloud, factory reset and rejoining lifx.

Edit: I think I might have discovered the answer to my own question - looks like its only available in iOS app. Requesting a pairing code is also not available on in android for my normal lifx lights.