LIFX Switch without Cloud


I am planning on buying around a dozen smart switches for my home in the next few months. I’ve been doing research on what to pick based on my requirements.

So far the main issue is that it requires cloud to control other LIFX devices. I have no intention of buying smart devices that require cloud connectivity because of security and latency.

I’ve read in several posts (including over a year ago) of LIFX employees saying the switch will receive an update in the future for allowing LAN only control from the switch.

Is there an actual date planned for this functionality?


So far, LIFX have not provided a date. Local control is a requirement for HomeKit certification, which we’ve been told is currently waiting on Apple, but that’s about as close as it gets.

There are ways to control the Switch locally using various tools, but only for relays that control non-LIFX devices.


Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t know about HomeKit and LIFX’s plan to integrate with it. This sounds promising to have a LAN only option for non Apple connectivity too.

Hi D,

29th March now, could you check in with your contacts to get an update
on Lifx HomeKit certification.

My guess is Lifx will design a new Switch with ‘Matter’, and this should solve everything
for the future.

I see there is a new switch coming from others that looks similar to LIfx.


I don’t have any contacts, I just report what others are seeing via Twitter. What I can say is that the LIFX iOS Test Flight app was updated recently with more HomeKit-related updates. Though, the HomeKit enabled firmware has not been released to beta testers, I assume because it’s still not certified.

The LIFX Switch appears to be a modified Sonoff device anyway, so that’s why it looks similar to other devices. I still haven’t seen another switch that can control both relays and smart bulbs though, but if you’ve found one that does, let us know.