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Lifx Switches - HA and poor design - shock risk

As an Australian user - in the last few weeks we received our Lifx switch -

Lucky for me a brother in law is a electrician and so I offered him a bbq to check the switch and install it.

  1. I have some electrical eng experience as well and I noticed a major issue.

Australian houses commonly use a switch mount behind plasterboard that look like

Now if you mount a lifx switch on these as they are provided - there is a fair chance the screw terminals on the side of the switch will potentially contact the side of the frame

This will cause 2 issues -

  1. the switch mount is energized with 240v AC current - if its touched - someone is going to get electrocuted . My house has wooden studs but I know newer houses have steel…not sure how that’s going to play out.
  2. The other screw terminals can touch as well causing a short bypassing the switches themselves and making the switch unreliable and a fire hazard.

The switches require a cover over the terminals. Honestly I don’t understand how this got past the certification for Australia.

Now aside from that - the switches don’t appear to have an decent API in terms of being able to integrate into HomeAsssist yet - anyone aware of a solution?

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Thank you for your feedback. We have assessed this cause for concern and have taken immediate action. To provide a better installation experience to all customers, we are providing new screws to use during installation. We are also providing support to cover the re-installation cost. If you have not reached out already, please let me know and I can coordinate further logistics with you.