LIFX Thread Support

Any plans to support the new Thread protocol? Can the LIFX bulbs be firmware upgraded to support this?

Unfortunately Thread requires different hardware and so we won’t be able to enable it with firmware alone. But we are always evaluating new technology for use in future products :slight_smile:

While some my on the surface legitimately feel this is reasonable (ie lack of support- either in current product or firmware update)…

Unfortunately thread support has been solicited from Lifx for over 5 years so it’s not like they didn’t hear about it until this thread was started… See

It seems this is likely just another result of technical/business decisions made over years that have lead to the ridiculously delayed Adaptive Lighting support for iOS I detailed in the thread on reddit-- as I said there though I hope that things change as someone who own 43 bulbs all active (current gen products) that I hope to have as part of a Thread mesh. Others like NanoLeaf (current lighting darling in HA space), Eve product line (current with past product updates via firmware update) to name just a few…

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I’ll just add a note about Thread. What Thread was 5 years ago is very different to what Thread is today. But we are currently evaluating Thread in its current form for use in future products.

As for your existing 43 devices, the current state of Thread requires different hardware than what is in our current line of products and so we won’t be able to support Thread on those.

Will LIFX be supporting the matter alliance in the coming months with firmware updates? Or will this require new hardware?

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Do you have plans to create a separate Thread-supported controller for your existing LIFX Z strips? I would immediately replace all my existing Wi-Fi controllers (and throw them into the trash) to the Thread controllers. My additional suggestion is to add physical buttons to controllers like Nanoleaf did.

I can confirm that LIFX is on the list of Matter Group members, and wifi is one of the fundamental protocols — So potentially a best case scenario would be they send out a firmware update for Matter support, or worst case they are planning new hardware.