Lifx Tile underpowered issues?

Electrically speaking: are there any dangers of under-powering a Lifx tile? We have a use case where we need to power a tile light from a battery pack, but there are situations where the power from that battery pack may drop below 24v (12v-19v) Is there anything that would cause damage to occur to the tile from a low voltage or just it may not power on without enough voltage??

There is a danger in under-powering any complex electronic device. For example underpowering a CPU can cause the CPU to partially reset or make mistakes. This can cause instability, memory corruption or make it lock up entirely.

It gets worse in the case of a device that stores information. The Tile contains both Flash memory and an EEPROM. Should a write to one of these fail, the system might corrupt its storage causing it to become disconnected from its network, or in the worst case corrupt its programming and be unable to boot.

Ultimately it might work, but we cannot guarantee it, and we certainly have not rigorously tested those conditions.