Lifx Tiles only applying to master tile after initial breath/pulse

Hi there,

I’m trying to use the HTTP API with Lifx Tiles to set basic colours and pulse/breathe, but am having issues with basic behaviour.

IF I have 5 Lifx Tiles configured
AND no light is emitting
WHEN I send a breathe or pulse HTTP API request

Expected Result:
All tiles breathe/pulse x number of times

Actual Result:
All tiles breathe/pulse once of x times, but only the master tile breathes/pulses from then on

The remaining breaths or pulses only apply to the master tile

Copy of the cURL request being used:

curl -X POST "" \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer OAUTH_TOKEN" \
 -d 'period=2' \
 -d 'cycles=10' \
 -d 'peak=0.8' \
 -d 'power_on=true' \
 -d 'color=white'

Any help would be greatly appreciated!