LIFX user accounts

Hi guys,

I’ve been using lifx now since a kitchen renovation and it has now expanded across the house. I’m fully automated mainly with motion sensing and time of day. I have removed most wall switches from the house and replaced the main areas with tablets.

Can I possibly limit certain tablets (users) to control certain bulbs without creating several different virtual networks?

The reason I say this is I don’t want anyone controlling a bedroom light bulb when someone is sleeping whilst there is a party music visualised in the outdoor area. I’ve attempted virtual networking to isolate but then I need several accounts which becomes cumbersome for ifttt and further bulbs.

If this has been posted I do apologise and if anyone has come across this issue please share a workaround.

Kind Regards,

No problem, but there was a similar question recently. Unfortunately, no one had an answer, except for my suggestion to use locations.

This does come up internally occasionally, but I don’t think we have found a good way to implement it yet. Its certainly something we care about, but its going to take some time to come up with a good solution on the LIFX side.