LIFX White weird delay at low brightness levels

I’ve been using my lifx white (2nd gen) bulbs now at low brightness levels when playing media.

Specifically I have three LIFX Color (3rd Gen) bulbs that are set to 10% in the living room when movies and TV are playing, along with two LIFX White (2nd Gen) bulbs that are also set to 10% brightness when movies or the TV are playing.

I use motion sensors to activate lights when I enter and exit rooms, so in the case of the kitchen this is the issue:

The lower the brightness is set to, the longer it takes for the white bulbs to turn on. In the case of 10% it takes almost 5 seconds for the bulbs to show any sign of light.

I suspect this has something to do with some algorithm that is being used to determine the default transition time of the bulbs as it relates to the current brightness value when turning on. Since the higher the brightness value the quicker the lights are to respond and vice versa.

The 3rd gen color bulbs work just fine and have no issues turning on when brightness values are low.

For the 2nd gen lights, are you perhaps going through the cloud? Mine take 4-7 seconds to work if I go through IFTTT rather than if I target the lights on my local network.

This seems to be independent of the protocol used to communicate with the bulbs. They seem to be receiving the command just fine and quickly, but something in the firmware is causing them to have a weird delay in actually showing “brightness” when the brightness is set low before the turn on command happens.