LIFX Wifi feature support is Atrocious! Please Fix!

Serious question, when is LIFX Wifi going to support modern Wifi features?

The only way I can stop my half dozen LIFX Bulbs from falling off my network has been to turn off AMDPU and U-APSD on my Business grade Synology Router. AMDPU has a HUGE impact on wifi performance - just using good old speedtest on a 14" M1 Max Macbook Pro drops sustained internet throughput from over 200Mbps to 30Mbps on my Fibre internet connection.

And yes, I did upgrade my Bulbs to the most recent LIFX v3.90 FW.

These issues make it really hard to recommend LIFX bulbs to members of the Hubitat community! Considering Lifx are a “premium” brand, this is really poor

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So I spent a few days working with LIFX Support and all I got was a massive reduction in Wifi based internet speeds - down from 250Mbps down to 30Mbps.

I eventually solved the Lifx drop out issue by moving all of my Lifx globes to an ancient 802.11n 2.4Ghz only Wifi router and now they work perfectly.

Lifx really needs to improve their wifi standards support as this is really pathetic! :rage:

I have a stack of Shelly dimmer Wifi modules, and they have never fallen off my network once!