LIFX Z behaving weirdly after set up

Hi folks,

I can only control turning the ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ switch from the Lifx App. As soon as I turn it ON, it goes into a fast color sweep cycle although I have not turned ON that effect on the app. Even when I choose a certain color or intensity on the App, the LED strips do not respond to my app command and keep singing to their tune. I am prepared to do a complete reset and look for them on my wifi again. Removing the lights from the app only seems to delete it from my groups but not from the list of lights my app has already recognized and added. How do I perform that process so that I simply start over?



Have you tried pressing the button on the strip controller briefly for 1-2 seconds? You’ll know you did it right when you see a strobe flash down the length of the strip(s). This is the same procedure that you do when adding multiple extensions and seems to reset the order of the strips since they all have addressable zones. I had similar behavior as you’re experiencing when I moved the strips into the wrong order, but it all cleared up when I pressed the button for 1-2 seconds. If you hold the button down too long, you’ll perform a reset. You’ll know this if the LEDs strobe, then flash red/green/blue.