LIFX Z Connection dropping constantly

Hello everyone!
I have a dozen+ of LIFX bulbs (B22, E27) but only the 2 LIFX Z strips are constantly dropping, all the time… and when connected they behave weirdly (e.g . they only update brightness when the color is also updated; after a selection of color and brighness is made they go up and down in brightness for a few times and only settle down after 4 or 5 seconds, so annoing…).
I have a network dedicated for them and my neightboorod isn’t crowded of networks at all (maybe other 3 or 4 and mine is at least twice as strong as the others), also I am the only one in ch5.
I found tons of topic about this problem, I think I tried all the workarounds mentioned (literally tens of hours of my life spent on this problem) but nothing worked for me. I replaced one of them in a RMA because a stip failed and after setting up the new one the problem persisted. I don’t think that the problem comes from a faulty strip or set of them, I think that the problem comes from a particular condition that we share and we urge a way to identify what can be wrong in our environment/network setup.
Please LIFX, listen my request. I spent a ridicolous amount of money on this setup and I’m really looking forward to see it working.

I just regret the day I choose to thrust these guys instead of going for Philips HUE. Yeah, it would have been maybe 20% more expensive overall but they would have worked just fine…
Then, no switches, no sensors… If I won’t be able to solve this in the next weeks or so I might as well just sell everything for cheap and switch to HUE.

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Hi @Pi90Show,

We’re currently investigating the issue you describe with your LIFX Z lights not working properly for some customers with the LIFX Android app. Would you be able to contact and direct message me your ticket # so I can easily follow up with you.

I just sent the email mentioning about this post.
Looking forward to ear back from them.