Lifx Z dropping off network

I have a Raspberry Pi changing my LIFX Z color constantly, 2-3 commands send every 3 seconds over the LAN Protocol, and I’m finding the light is dropping of the network repeatedly. I need to unplug it to get it to rejoin the network. Is anyone sending rapid commands and having this issue? Is there a way to log from the device?
It is 10 feet from the router, that is not the issue


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i’m not sending rapid commands but one of my Z’s always drops off the network. sometimes it will re-join but often i must unplug-replug to see it. it’s pretty frustrating.

I’m in the same boat. I have 2 Z’s. One that stays online, the other goes offline and needs a power cycle to be revived. I put in a support ticket about this issue yesterday.

I have two Lifx Z’s as well and both of them disconnect from the network regularly. They look great, but having to manually unplug them daily is really getting frustrating. I’m hoping a firmware update solves that before I run out of time to return them.

I should also mention that I have 25 regular Lifx bulbs on the same network that never have any connectivity issues.

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My controller has died completely, won’t zone count, or do a hardware reset. I have an RMA open to replace it.

My life z needs to be unplugged / replugged constantly. Several times a day. It’s not good. I have about 10 regular lifx bulbs that are not nearly as bad as this. Can a firmware update potentially fix this problem? Or should I return my lifx z?

The resolution for my support ticket is that the unstable LIFX Z will be replaced with a new one by LIFX. :thumbsup: My other LIFX Z is still going strong without any issues at all.

My LIFX Z is also needing to be power cycled about every second day.
I have random bulbs dropping off too. It’s driving me crazy.

The bulbs seem okay but I have spent a fair amount of Christmas day failing to get the Lifx Z strip to work. It seemed to work somewhat for a while, but was squirrelly. Now it seems as though only part of the strip responds, the rest just flashes.

This product has a much better chance of going back to Best Buy than it does getting attached to the back of my new tv.

That sounds like a faulty strip to me.

I also have this drop off network issue. I only have my Lifx Z for one week.
Firmware version is 2.62.
Then I have to hard reset again. WTF.
For a 100€ light, it cannot even connect on a Wi-FI.