LIFX Z firmware 2.77 RC6 changelog?

Are there any release notes for this version just pushed?

Usually this page is updated:

But the last update is still from July.

The 2.77 RC5 build is currently only available on our firmware beta channel.

We will update the firmware page listed above once it reaches full public release.

The release notes are :

  • Fix so onboarding can be retried after failing (incorrect password) without performing a factory reset.

  • Updated to HomeKit specification

  • Cloud connectivity improvements

  • HomeKit onboarding improvements

  • Bug fix for HomeKit state getting out of sync

  • Improved efficiency of multizone color updates - Only on LIFX Z (HomeKit) and Beam

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Thanks Mark, whilst I am part of the beta, I had not seen a link to release notes or any avenue to provide test notes.

Very curious about “Improved efficiency of multizone color updates”. Does this mean LIFX Z can process multizone updates faster (and handle more updates per second)? If yes, what kind of improvement can be expect? 100% or 10%?

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@superg I had three existing 2m runs on 2.77 RC5 and recently added a last 1m run which was on 2.76. I noticed that the response time of the 2.76 lagged slightly behind by maybe 0.5 to 1s to the 3 x 2.77’s so a noticeable improvement. Once all 2.77, perfectly in sync.

However I have also noticed that 2.77 (all runs now) seem to drop off the network 2 to 3 times a day requiring a power cycle whereas 2.76 maybe once a week.

@markh is there a way to roll back and forth to test further?

@superg We’ve added a new message that allows all of the colours to be included in a single message. For purposes like applying a theme which will have a different color on each zone, this will mean a much faster response from the light. The overall message throughput hasn’t changed.

@solyxius If you contact we can discuss the connectivity issues you’ve been seeing with the beta and provide the option to downgrade if you want.

Thank you for reply. When is this new message added to LAN protocol description? Edit: Or is it StateMultiZone message?

@markh would you mind please posting the changelog for 2.77 RC6 recently pushed?

All 4 strips updated to RC6, 3 smoothly, one I can’t reconnect to, but a WIP as the reset button is not easily accessible (ceiling cavity).

PS By way of update, I no longer experienced drop out issues on RC5, not exactly sure what the cause/fix, but likely my network side.

2.77 got pushed to our bulbs, no information to be found on changes.
Why push updates without informing the customer?

Sorry for the delay in the release notes.

We have just released firmware update 2.77 which is available for LIFX A19/A60/BR30, LIFX+ A19/A60/BR30, LIFX Z (with HomeKit), LIFX Beam, and downlights.

Release Notes

  • Improvements to onboarding and firmware update reliability
  • Cloud connection reliability improvements
  • Security improvements
  • Improved synchronisation between the LIFX App and HomeKit

How about the new message allowing all colours to be included in the single message? That is now part of firmware 2.77? Any more details or documentation about the message available now?