LIFX Z flashes color and doesnt settle to white

The starter pack had 2 1m strip.
Out of that 1 strip is acting weird. It flashes all the colours and doesn’t settle to white. Tried resetting the controller for 2-3 second and even 15 sec long reset but nothing stops it to flash.

The second strip when connected as the 1st strip doesn’t get powered on but when reset for 2 second it sends a white sequence and then comes to the white color.

Is this a bug ? This lifx z was the second batch strip.

Check out this video : Google Drive: Sign-in

This is very weird can someone help me to sort this out. Tried all the troubleshooting but nothing worked.

Contact support. yes there is a problem it would seem from the details you have supplied. This isn’t a support site so LIFX can’t help you here.

I’ve seen this as well. I was able to fix the issue by putting the strip that would continuously flash different colors as the first strip, and then hook up the other strips to that one. Now perform the 3 second reset and you should see a strobe going down the entire length of strips.

I had a similar issue with a single length of Z. Turns out I had bumped the cable and it was no longer seated correctly. Once I had it snugly connected again, it was fine.