Lifx Z - max strips vrs rated wattage doesn't match. Only handle 3 strips?

I thought I would ask for more information publicly as I feel many others will come to the same conclusion.

The stated lumens is 700 per strip. The side of the box of 3 strips from Best Buy states 2100 lumens at 25 watts which is approximately 8.5 watts per strip. You also state that one controller can handle 10 strips. This would be 85 watts and yet the back of the wall transformer states it’s rated for 30 watts. This appears like one controller cannot power even 4 strips at full power.

Does this mean that when you add more than 3 strips the whole unit of strips will begin to dim?

I am using this for an indirect lighting project that could use up to 30 strips. I want to achieve maximum brightness. So do I need 10 controllers for these 30 strips or can I use just 3 controllers?

Obviously some of this information is wrong so we need to know which one is correct.

Hmm, the ratings seem a bit odd. 120V at 0.8A as stated to the charger is 96 watts. Which would run ~11 meters of the LED strips, so aligning with the documentation.

Not sure if the 30W number on the brick is actually representing maximum output watts over the 24V or something else entirely.

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