LIFX Z 'Move' effect jerky

I have two Z strips. The Move effect used to be smooth on the older version. Since the recent update it is jerky - ie: it jumps from spot to spot instead of a smooth transition. Both strips behave the same way. Can anyone confirm?


Yes, same here.
It starts smooth but it gets buggy after a time,
hope one of the next updates can fix it

This issue will be fixed in the next firmware release for the LIFX Z and Beam.


It appears this has been addressed but the fix is incomplete. When I turn off “move” on my Beam and then reenable, at first the blending is very smooth. However if I change the value (or wait 20 minutes) the movement goes back to janky. Can we get a fix on this?

When is this FW coming as all my LZ strips are still jerky?

Yep, still jerky here. It’s my fav effect for the Z Strips too.

Having these issues as well. Just bought and installed a brand new strip. Super disappointed. Was working perfect until the app asked me to update. Need this fixed ASAP. This is the main reason I bought these lights over HUE.

Same here, was fine and the the latest firmware totally hosed it. Guess I’ll be taking this brand new, 6 hour old LIFX Z Experience Kit back to Best Buy in the morning to exchange it for a virgin model and not update it just so I can maintain basic functionality since a fix doesn’t seem to be forthcoming very soon.

There is a beta version of the firmware to resolve the move effect issue. If you DM me your cloud account email, then I can add you to our distribution list.


Awesome! I Thanks much for the quick response, I’ve always found the support from LIFX to be very impressive.:+1:

I have this problem too with both Lifx Z and Beam, and I have problem to send You DM (you can’t send a private message to that user?)

@Marre Alternatively you can contact and they can add you to the Beta firmware distribution list.

Thank You, I will do that

i just had to email as well for the same reason 2 months later… any other news on the subject? or ways to fix this second set of lifx z experience in a week? not looking forward to a third.

Seems to be a bit better after beta update and a reboot thanks

This is still an issue on v2.74 and is really annoying. One of the main reasons I bought the beam was to have some sort of animated effect.

I’m not sure if I should make another post about this, but the strobe effect also appears to get “stuck.” After you stop pressing the strobe button, a random number of lights will continue to flicker. If you activate another effect, it appears that the effects blend. So, if I press “strobe” and then stop pressing it, and if certain lights continue to flicker I can activate the “Move” effect and then the blinking lights will also “move.” This works with the any of the other effects as well.

This would be a cool feature, if it was intended (which it clearly was not).

The latest firmware is 2.76 and I’m no longer seeing this issue with that version applied to my LIFX Z strips.

The app says 2.74 is the most up to date version. I just bought these and immediately updated them.

2.76 is definitely the latest, released on 17 July 2018: (may need to scroll down past the installers)

From the update page:

Update 2 Feb 2018
Generation 4 LIFX Z (HomeKit) and Beam (v2.74)

That’s the last update that specifically references Beam.

The update manifest here that the desktop installer uses also references 2.74 as the latest version for what is presumably the internal LIFX Beam model:

  "latest" : {
        "checksum" : "49ad2b70",
        "host" : {
          "timestamp" : 1517544576000000000,
          "version" : "2.74-BAR"
        "url" : "https:\/\/\/firmware\/",
        "wifi" : {
          "timestamp" : 1456093684000000000,
          "version" : "101.62"

If this isn’t the case then I don’t know why both the Desktop firmware updater and the LIFX mobile application are both reporting that the LIFX Beam is up to date.

starting webserver on port 9815…
Syncing latest firmware…
starting discovery
detected xxxxx528ddfa ( collecting information…
xxxxx528ddfa is up to date


After looking at the manifest a bit more, 2.74 is definitely the reported latest version for Beam:

   "firmware" : "LCM2_Silver",
          "max_brightness" : 1,
          "min_brightness" : 0.029999999329447746,
          "name" : "Beam"