LIFX Z Outdoor use

Has anyone used LIFX Z outdoors?
My plan is to order a couple strips to place inside a ‘pool bar/gazebo’ ceiling. We often are outdoors in the summer and would love to make the space more ambient in the ceiling.

We have cold winters (10-40 F) and Hot Summers (75-95 F). Was wondering if anyone has tried it out…


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I would try it if it was under a roof (where rain can’t get to it) and would use dielectric grease at the connections. I have 4 LIFX A19 bulbs outside (protected from rain) and they have been fine for a year now and they are not rated for outdoors. You can take a chance and try it (and report back to us your experience) and you might be rewarded with success or it might ruin your lights. I would think that they would be fine as long as they don’t get direct contact with water.

Hey br3ttyoung,

How have you gone with your lights??
I am in a similar position and would like to put some strip lighting in an undercover outdoor area.
I think i would make an already good outdoor area better.
Just wanting to know how things went?


I’m planning on mounting some LIFX Z strips in some LED profiles outdoors (though, under cover and not exposed to direct rain/water). My only concern is decent wifi signal, not exposure. :smile: