Lifx Z strip light in the bathroom


I want to use Lifx Z Led strip in my bathroom, but on lifx website they recommend to not use outdoor or in bathroom.
Did anybody try to use in the bathroom? Are they working ok? Or can I buy any led strip profile to fit the lights inside that profile so it will not be so humidity?

Has anyone install Z in the bathroom?

And what can break, the led lights or the ac-dc?



I’m using 2x 1m light strips and 1 bulb in my bathroom, even in my shower to be more specific. Works great so far, they are now installed for 6 months.
The light bulb is sticking through the ceiling plate just a bit and is sealed with silicone sealing kit.
The strips are mounted in two alu light strip fixtures and not sealed, but the diffusing caps are very tight pressed into the alu frames. I’ve drilled holes at the bottom of the frames so condense water can escape.

The power unit and controller are at the back of the shower wall, safe away from water.

It looks like the only thing that can happen is (condense) water will get at the back of the strips or contacts at the end and corrode the copper. At the front the LEDs are sealed with enough gel coating.

You could add some plastic tube (sold on eBay) to cover and water proof the strips but I found it very hard to get the strips inside the tube as the two materials don’t really glide into each other.

Good luck!