Lifx Z (Strip) limited to 2500 Kelvin, why?

I’ve noticed I can’t go lower then 2500K with my led strip, why is that?
The strip is part of a group in which there are also two Mini D&D and using the group control interface I’m always been able to go down to at least 2000K (plus, also my automations where working just fine bringing it slowly down to 2000K in the evenings).

Then, this morning I think, I received an app update and now I’m unable to set the strip to 2000K through the group interface while the Mini D&Ds are going to 2000K without problems; the resulting color mismatch is overwelming.

Well, why would you limit the strip in that way? I don’t really understand, can you clarify on the matter?

The LIFX Z can only go down to 2500K:

I’m not a LIFX developer, but I’m assuming the new app sets the minimum to whatever the entire group can set so that they all look the same instead of some bulbs being 2000K and others being 2500K.

Instead of using a group, why not use a scene? That way you can set the Minis down to 2000K and the Z to 2500K.

Hi Djelibeybi,
thanks for your answer, I found that document very interesting, I now know much more about the other products too.
I start by saying that I most likely just fooled myself thinking that before the update the Strip was able to go down to 2000K while it was at 2500K and then by finding out the “limitation” I then started to notice the difference in colour.
What I can’t figure out is why?
If I take a random kelvin to hue converter online I can translate 2000K to 32deg&67luminosity and this colour can easily be reproduced by the Strip. So why stop at 2500K and not to be consistent with the other models?

I can’t apply your solution because I have my lights moving to different colour temperatures throughout the day - even if these are off - so that when you switch them on these are at the right colour temperature, a scene wouldn’t fit the purpose as far as I know.

So do I. In fact, I wrote this to do it for me:

You could send the appropriate HSBK to the strip if you want, but the limitation is there because of the limitation of the white LEDs on the strip.