LIFX Z Strip - New Purchase - Wont Turn On - After Failed Firmware Update

Hi hoping maybe someone can help ?
Today I have purchased my first Lifx product - the Lifx Z strip
Carried out the initial set up no problem all working ,
I was then informed that a firmware update was required , the update failed , now the light strip is unresponsive just turned off , will not turn on again … and can no longer bee seen on the network presumably because it is in the off state, any ideas ? thanks

Think I may have inadvertently cured the problem ?
After trying to update another 3 times unsuccessfully …
I then noticed the “claim” your bulb to the cloud function , tried that …
And now I have control back & it all appears to be working …
Now just unsure if the update has installed or not ?

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What is the version listed at the top of the settings page for the bulb?

I see the issue now when using Android nearly every time, I have to disable mobile data and then I am able to setup the bulb but it never seems to be claimed correctly. Just give it time and your wifi network appears as you found and you can claim the bulb.
Did you install 1.22 firmware ? this one is heaps better.

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I have not been around for a few days ,
Thanks for your reply boxhead :+1:

Hi I have not been around for a few days …
Checking the info yes it looks like it is running version 1.22
Thanks for your reply daniel_hall :+1:

Yup, it looks like the update installed correctly. That is the latest firmware for the strip right now.