LIFXKit tvOS support

Has anyone had any luck getting the (now unsupported) LIFXKit project on github to support tvOS? I hear tvOS platform is easy to support with just a few minor changes but I’m not sure where to go about making those changes.

Any help, tips, suggestion or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Frak,

Given that LIFXKit is unsupported it might be worth drawing inspiration from some good C clients like lightsd. You could even write bindings and let lightsd do most of the heavy lifting.

Do you specifically need LAN support, or would HTTP work for your requirements? If you can get away with HTTP then you should look at LIFXHTTPKit (Disclaimer: I maintain this library). It makes it trivial to interface with LIFX lights over HTTP. It doesn’t explicitly support tvOS (I don’t even know what’s involved), but it essentially wraps NSURLSession which means supporting tvOS should be straight forward.

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Thank you tatey for the reply.

I do indeed need LAN support. I’ve written an iOS app that uses the LIFXKit library and I would like to port it over to AppleTV. I guess I just need to figure out whatever Xcode settings-magic I need to fiddle with to get it to compile for the AppleTV platform. I got some chip-support related errors on my last attempt.